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As you seek to expand your team with top-tier talent, our extensive network and proven expertise stand ready to meet your needs. We specialize in connecting businesses like yours with skilled professionals from Pakistan, ensuring a seamless recruitment process tailored to your unique requirements.

Alahad Group - Leading Overseas Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan

At Alahad Group, we specialize in connecting talented individuals in Pakistan with exciting job opportunities abroad. As one of the leading overseas recruitment agencies in Pakistan, we take pride in our ability to match skilled professionals with reputable employers across the globe. With a focus on integrity, efficiency, and professionalism, we strive to make the recruitment process smooth and rewarding for both candidates and employers alike. 

From initial candidate selection to onboarding, our dedicated team provides personalized support and guidance every step of the way. Let Alahad Group be your trusted partner in building a stronger, more dynamic workforce. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your recruitment goals.

Empowering Industries through Expert Manpower Recruitment -
Alahad Group.

Alahad Group is your ultimate partner in manpower recruitment, spanning a multitude of industries. Our comprehensive recruitment services cater to a diverse array of sectors, meticulously analyzing their unique markets and comprehending their distinct needs.

Construction & Engineering

We provide the best recruitment services in Pakistan for construction and engineering projects. Through Alahad Group, you can get instant access to exceptional professionals.

Information Technology

We provide the top recruitment services in Pakistan for information technology. You can stay ahead of the curve by connecting with experts in software development and more.


We provide leading recruitment services in Pakistan for healthcare and the medical sector. You can easily hire doctors, nurses, or administrative staff for hospitals and clinics.

Hospitality and Tourism

We provide the top recruitment services in Pakistan for hospitality and tourism. Through Alahad Group, you can conveniently hire hotel managers, tour guides, chefs, or flight attendants.

Oil and Gas

We provide the best recruitment services in Pakistan for the oil and gas industry. Through Alahad Group, you can easily hire engineers, petroleum engineers, operators, or welders.

Textile & Garments

Our expertise covers a wide array of textile roles including designers, merchandisers, production managers, and quality controllers, knitting the fabric of success for your organisation.


We provide the top recruitment services in Pakistan for the education sector. Through Alahad Group, you can conveniently hire teachers, educational consultants, librarians, or tutors.

Security Recruitment

we specialise in the recruitment of top-notch security professionals. From security guards to cybersecurity experts, our recruitment process ensures the right fit for your organisation.


Through Alahad Group, you can recruit proficient telecommunication engineers, network administrators, sales representatives, and other telecom professionals directly from Pakistan.

Power And Energy Recruitment

Specialising in the recruitment of engineers, energy analysts, power plant operators, and more, our process ensures that we provide the right talent for your energy sector needs.

Transportation Recruitment

We are experts in recruiting top-quality professionals such as drivers, logistics managers, transport coordinators, and more, ensuring the perfect match for your transportation needs.

Steel Fabrication Recruitment

Specialising in positions such as welders, fabricators, CNC operators, and structural engineers, we connect you with the best steel fabrication professionals from Pakistan.

NO 1 in Recruitment Agency in Pakistan

At Alahad Group, we stand as the pioneer in providing unparalleled opportunities for Pakistanis to thrive on the global stage. Join us in shaping the future of recruitment and unlocking boundless possibilities for career growth and organizational success.

Our Recruitment Process

You Describe Your Requirements

You confidentially brief us on the location, industry, and vacancy of the job.

We Find Potential Matches

We use our vast network to shortlist the ideal professionals for your organisation.

We Make the Connection

We smoothly connect you with the most suitable and top-shortlisted candidates.

You Hire the Candidate

You select the best professional to fill the vacant position in your company.

Why Choose Alahad Group As Your Overseas Recruitment Agency?

Selecting Alahad Group as your overseas recruitment agency guarantees access to unparalleled global recruitment expertise. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional talent, we specialize in sourcing top-tier professionals who precisely match your requirements. Our commitment to transparency and efficiency ensures a seamless and hassle-free hiring process for your organization.

Opt for Alahad Group as your trusted partner in talent acquisition, and experience the difference in quality and service. Connect with us today to unlock a world of top-notch Pakistani professionals tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Overseas recruitment agencies in Pakistan meticulously vet candidates to ensure they meet the specific requirements and qualifications demanded by international employers. This includes verifying educational credentials, professional experience, language proficiency, and any specialized skills needed for the job. Additionally, reputable agencies stay updated on international labor laws and regulations to ensure that placements are made in compliance with legal standards.
To navigate cultural and language barriers, overseas recruitment agencies in Pakistan often provide language and cultural training to candidates before they embark on their assignments. They also facilitate effective communication between employers and candidates by offering translation services and cultural sensitivity training. Moreover, agencies may arrange for virtual interviews or cultural orientation sessions to help candidates acclimatize to their new work environments smoothly.

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