Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations in Germany List of Occupations in Demand in Germany 2018

Basic knowledge of the German language is required in addition to meeting the qualifications and requirement for the occupation. And – whether being hired directly or thru an agency, be sure to check the requirements for overseas recruitment for employers and agencies.

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List of Occupations in Demand in Germany 2018

    For the year 2018, the following occupations are deemed shortage professions:

    1. Black toppers
    2. Milling machinists
    3. Technicians with a higher level of training (engineer) for mechanical engineering
    4. Technicians with a higher level of training (engineer) for power engineering technology
    5. Metal turners
    6. Specialist power engineers
    7. Technicians with a higher Level of training (engineer) for data processing
    8. Agricultural Equipment engineers
    9. Graduate mechanical engineers
    10. Graduates in power engineering
    11. Die makers, cutter makers and punch makers
    12. Graduate engineers for data processing
    13. Roofers
    14. Specialist graduate engineers
    15. Welders, cutting torch operators
    16. Specialist technicians for mechanical engineering
    17. Electrical installers, electrical fitters
    18. Construction joiners
    19. Graduates in weak-current and telecommunications engineering
    20. Specialist fitters
    21. Concrete fitters
    22. Carpenters
    23. Specialist fitters
    24. Floor and Wall Tilers
    25. Motor Mechanics
    26. Pipe installers, pipe fitters
    27. Graduate nurses

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