Hotels Resorts Hospitals Amusement Parks & Restaurant Helpers General Workers for Malaysia

Hotels Resorts Hospitals Amusement Parks & Restaurant Helpers General Workers for Malaysia


1.1 Job category : General worker

1.2 Job location : Hotel, Resort, Hospital, Amusement Park, Restaurant.

1.3 Job role : F & B Service, Kitchen & Stewarding,

General Cleaner, Laundry Service, Linen &

Special Project, Lifeguard, Wildlife

Caretaker, Entertainer, Pantry Aide and etc.,

1.4 Age : from 20 to 35 years old

1.5 Education requirement : High school or secondary school

1.6 Sex : Male

1.7 Language proficiency : Able to communicate, read and write in basic English


2.1 Month Salary

2.1.1 Basic Salary : RM1000 (26 working days per

2.1.2 Overtime allowance : minimum 2 hours overtime

2.2 A monthly saving program* is offered by the Employer and the Employee is recommended to join this program at their own discretion. If the Employee opted for this program, RM100 will be deducted from salary on monthly basis and it will be kept by the Employer till the end of the employment. The Employee can save up to RM2000 with interest of 4% p.a. payable by the Employer.


3.1 The Employee will bear the following costs:

3.1.1 Foreign Worker Hospitalization & Surgical Insurance Scheem (SKHPPA) insurance.

3.1.2 Pass Lawatan Khas Sementara (PLKS)

3.2 The deductions will be made from the first or the second month of salary each year during the course of employment.


4.1 The employment agreement shall be for a period of two (2) years form the date arrival of Employee.

4.2 This Agreement may be extended for another one (1) year by mutual agreement of both parties and subject to the approval of relevant authorities. All processing fees for work permit renewal shall be borne by the Employee.


5.1 The Employer shall provide the Employee an accommodation with necessary amenities including utilities (water and electricity) and necessary kitchen facilities. However, the Employee will bear the accommodation cost via monthly deduction of RM50 from salary. Any utilities cost incurred above RM200 per shared accommodation unit shall be share equally among the occupants.

5.2 The Employee shall be housed in a decent and suitable accommodation shared with a reasonable number of employees.

5.3 The Employee will be strictly forbidden to bring his friends or relatives to stay overnight in the accommodation, provided by the Employer.


6.1 If meals provided to the Employee during working hours at workplace, the Employee will bear the meal cost of RM5 per meal via deduction from monthly salary.


7.1 The Employer will arrange and bear the cost of the annual FOMEMA medical examination of the Employee, as required by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.


8.1 The Employer shall provide insurance coverage – Foreign Workers Compensation Scheme Policy against ccident during the course of employment.

8.2 The security bond / insurance guarantee shall be borne by the Employer.


9.1 The government levy will be borne by the Employee via monthly deduction from the salary, based on the prevailing levy imposed by the government.

9.2 Visa and immigration processing fee will be borne by the Employer.

9.3 Calling Visa will be borne by Employer.


10.1 The Employee shall work only with the Employer and shall not seek employment or be employed elsewhere.

10.2 The Employee shall comply with reasonable instructions of the Employer in the performance of the assigned duties.

10.3 The Employee shall perform diligently, faithfully and sincerely all duties assigned by the Employer.

10.4 The Employee shall not use or take advantage of the Employer’s possessions without the Employer’s permission.

10.5 The Employee shall not collect any money from any other fellow / co- worker by force or coercion for whatever reason.

10.6 The Employee shall not resort to any strike nor involve himself in any other tactics such as go slow etc. He shall not engage himself in any political or Trade Union activity in Malaysia, nor instigate others to commit such acts / activities.

10.7 The Employee shall bring his / her own work attire, i.e. black trousers and black shoes. The Employee will be provided work uniform by the Employer – a deposit of RM30 will be charged per uniform, which is refundable upon completion of employment agreement. The Employee is expected to at all times observe proper work attire.

10.8 The Employee shall be courteous, polite and respectful to the Employer and clients of the Employer.

10.9 The Employee shall abide by the laws, rules, regulations, national policies

and directive of Malaysia and respect the customs and traditions of Malaysia.

10.10 The Employee shall not engage in any romance relationship and / or marry and / or intend to marry any Malaysian national during the continuance of the period of this Agreement. In the event that the Employee marries in Malaysia during the period of employment, the Government of Malaysia reserves the right to revoke the work permit.


11.1 The Employer may terminate the service of the Employment without notice if the Employee commits any of misconduct inconsistent with the fulfillment of the Employee’s duties or if the Employee breaches any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. For the purpose of this clause, misconduct includes the following:

i) Working with another employer;

ii) Disobeying lawful and reasonable order of the Employer;

iii) Neglecting the duties and habitually late for work;

iv) Is found guilty of fraud and dishonesty;

v) Is involved in illegal and lawful activities;

vi) Permitting outsiders to enter the Employer’s premises or to use

the Employer’s possessions without Employer’s permission;

vii) Using the Employer’s possessions without the Employer’s permission.

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