Foundation Public School

Karachi, Pakistan

Foundation Public School was inaugurated in 1981 with 14 students and 5 teachers. After 35 years, it is a well-integrated network of 11 branches (8 in Karachi and 3 in Hyderabad) with a student body of 7000. It is one of the very few educational conglomerates which has come to be synonymized with quality education with a human touch; strong moral values and a nurturing environment. FPS promotes education not only in academic but also in extra-curricular activities that strengthen the mind and body alike. The Head Start School System is a private institution, established in 1992 with the prime objective to provide Early Childhood Education. It has now grown up to 2500 students and has nine branches in different parts of Karachi housing classes from Reception till Grade XI. Children start school at the age of 2 Year at Reception Level.

CEO / Country Head
Mr. Minhas
Head of HR Department
Shakira Ali

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