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Alahad Group Online Training Program aims to make technical education more accessible to Pakistani Manpower with the use of internet technology. The Program is basically started to support the needy students or learners who do not get admission in any well recognized university or institute and for the youth who is unemployed. It helps in a more effective and efficient way to deliver technical education and skills development services to the majority with less cost and more reach. The program is created for students, out-of-school learners, unemployed, unskilled workers, professionals who would like to take Alahad Group Online Training courses at their own time at the comfort of their desktops, laptops, tablets & mobile phones. Our training program website can be accessed at In order to access the available courses in website, you must first register an account. The Online Training Program is available for a very nominal fee. Certificate are issued on successful completion of the courses. Successful learners may also take the face-to-face assessment at any Alahad Group accredited assessment center or venue. All our training courses vary in duration and are of all different levels.

Trainings can be booked by the individual or by employers seeking to further develop their workforce. Whether you are an individual or an employer we can personalise training courses to your preferences. For inquiries technical problems, E: Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your recruitment & training needs.

Please comment Yes—I’m interested. Alternatively send your Cvs to / Read Our FAQs (Questions & Answers)

IMPORTANT: Alahad Group does not charge any application- processing- or training fee at any stage of the recruitment process, ever. We have however been made aware of fictitious vacancy announcements in our name that are being circulated on the internet which entice potential applicants to respond to fake job ads and send money. Please be aware that Alahad Group, its Employers and accredited recruitment agencies, do not charge candidates any fees whatsoever at any part of the recruitment process.

If you are approached for a fee, charges or payment of whatsoever nature by anyone, Please do not make such payment and immediately write to us with full details on Our office will always send e-mail from an identifiable corporate account i.e. and never from a public email account, such as Yahoo!, Gmail, Google, or Hotmail. Alahad Group will not accept liability, under any circumstances, for loss and/or damage.

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Alahad Group is a flagship of manpower recruitment agencies in Pakistan that have been united into a single company Alahad Group with the common purpose of being industry leaders in the delivery of overseas recruitment services. Whilst we have come a long way from our humble beginnings, the commitment of our people to our clients, the quality of the services we deliver and our spirit of integrity remain unvarying and ongoing features of our company. We partner with the gulf largest blue-chip companies, government agencies, private enterprises and public institutions and offer our clients highly specialised manpower recruitment services to augment their HR performance over its entire life cycle. We honor our commitment to quality, our continuous investment in manpower recruitment, and above all of the innovation that has proved to be the binding thread that makes Alahad Group what it is today.

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